The Media City, workshop in Amsterdam

From March 22 – April 3, 2010, the Netherlands Media Art Institute and Time Frame will host ‘The Media City’ workshop, dedicated to the exploration of narrative architecture and social interaction on public spaces.

The Media City is a specialized project development workshop for urban projections, taking place in Amsterdam. From March 22 to April 3, eight international artists from Sao Paulo, Lima, Durban, Douala and the Netherlands will be given the opportunity to explore the possibilities of visual programming interfaces for urban facades, and develop their own site specific concept.

The Media City investigates architecture as narrative and social interaction in public space. It is investigating how these specific languages, spaces of cultural meaning, can be translated into media art projects, in which similarities from African and Latin American cities can be found and re-interpreted in Amsterdam.

Architecture plays an important part in the formation of national identities and, hence, the project holds a great potential of allowing artistic examinations into national boundaries, similarities and trans-national visions.


Participants artists:

Lucas Bambozzi (BR), Gloria Arteaga (PE), Goody Leye (CM), Doung Jahangeer (ZA), Mayura Subhedar (IN/NL), Marnix de Nijs (NL), Edwin van der Heide (NL) and Walter Langelaar (NL). The tutor is: Alexis Anastasiou (BR), Director / VJ of Visualfarm, Brazil

The event includes 3 semi-public lectures. These three evening sessions with artists presentation will try to bring in as much expertise and viewpoints as possible and will foster discussions about the workshop theme among artists, theoreticians, cultural workers and audience. The sessions are interlinked and designed to initiate an ongoing discussion among the participants. The conference language is English.

– Tuesday, March 23, 20:00 – 22:00 : Edwin van der Heide ,Gloria Arteaga, and Doeng Jahangeer.

– Monday, March 29, 20:00 – 22:00: Mayura Subhedar, Goody Leye and Alexis Anastasieu.

– Thursday, April 1, 20:00 – 22:00 : Marnix de Nijs, Lucas Bambozzi and Walter Langelaar.


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