Sobre o projeto meta4walls

Conversa informal entre Lucas Bambozzi e Christine Mello, sobre o site meta4walls, Internet, spam e intenções ligadas ao uso da web para fins artísticos São Paulo 02/02/2002 o projeto “Meta4walls” foi apresentado na 25ª Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, em área especial voltada à net-arte, curada por Christine Mello e Rudolf Frieling (Alemanha) Christine Mello: Explique o projeto deste site, o Meta4walls Lucas Bambozzi: … Continue »Sobre o projeto meta4walls

About SPIO [interview to Jose-Carlos Mariategui]

4 questions Jose-Carlos Mariategui (Peru) curator of Emergentes at Laboral, Gijon, Spain (2007) 1. Jose-Carlos Mariategui: Do you think your work is in some way connected to scientific/technological research?   I see your research much more connected to contexts, in that sense not just to Brazil, but sometimes to global problematics.  Also something interesting from you is that it can be impossible to define your pieces … Continue »About SPIO [interview to Jose-Carlos Mariategui]

Mediated Life

MEDIATED LIFE by lucas bambozzi           The recent proliferation of tiny cameras, now embedded in mobile phones have been leading to massive collections of supposed ‘warm moments’ that one would be likely to forget, feeding a sort of obsession on intimacy aesthetics. Like camera-enabled mobile phones, wearable computers, tactile media, location-based devices, instant messengers and voice over IP technologies (VoIP), they … Continue »Mediated Life