REVELATIONS: All thought begins with remembrance

// REVELACIONES (REVELATIONS): All thought begins with remembrance /// REVELACIONES (RÉVÉLATIONS): Toute pensée commence par un souvenir Artists / Artistes: Lucas Bambozzi, Andrés Denegri, Nelson Henricks, Hernán Khourian, Emanuel Licha Curator / Commissaire: Gabriela Golder Festival ON.Fire Where / Où: Gladstone Hotel, 2nd Floor Rooms When / Quand: June 18th–20th du 18 au 20 Juin Opening: Friday June 18th, 8pm–10pm Vernissage: Vendredi 18 Juin, à 20h–22h

Postcards . new series

The Postcards series project comprises a collection of places, curious situations and memories. It is a project in endless progress: to visit touristic places and perform comparative shots using a video camera. Relating the actual postcard to the scene it portrays, the videos are usually a result of different resources, seeking for situations and moments where sounds and images can reveal layers other than the … Continue »Postcards . new series